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CRESCOtec is specialised in interface programming and other software development products dedicated to integrate erp systems with other it systems in the company_


Experts from designing, programming and testing_

Our expert team provides end-to-end software solutions, handling everything from problem analysis, design, and coding to deployment and ongoing support. Whether it’s CRM, ERP, HR, cybersecurity, or any other application or interface, our specialists in Dubai and Cebu are here to help you with cost-effective and efficient programming and implementation.

From A to Z, we ensure your project is delivered within budget and on time.

Custom Application Development_

The software programmers of CRESCOtec cover a vast number of programming languages and software packages. This allows to develop applications for all different kind of platforms, including servers, personal computers and mobile devices. 

The team usually applies the “Agile Software Development Model” or the “Iterative” method, but it can also work in project teams, that still follow the traditional “Waterfall” approach.

The team successfully worked as sub-contractor for international clients in bigger software development or customisation projects, where the programming or configuration of modules was outsourced to CRESCOtec.

The advantage of CRESCOtec is the seamless integration of analysis, programming and implementation (including training), which sets the company apart from many of its competitors. 






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Conceptual support and programming for online platform for Sampas A.S., Turkey_

CRESCOtec provided extensive services to Sampas A.S., a company located in Istanbul, Turkey, for their IT project AKOS.

AKOS stands for Intelligent City Automation System. They system combines all relevant information available in distributed IT systems of a city in a single platform. AKOS is designed to support the formation of a modern city structure based on laws, regulations and standards in the e-Turkey transformation process. It integrates information from different sources and links them intelligently in a Smart City Operation Center.

Among other tasks, CRESCOtec was involved in

  • Conceptual design of the AKOS Smart City Operation Center Interface Gateway and Mobility Platform.
  • Development of the Smart Meter Management Interface for the MatchUP project (which is part of the EU Horizon 2020 program).
  • Development of the Interface Gateway.
  • Development of the AKOS Smart City Operation Center Mobility Platform.
  • Design of the online training system.

Mobile App for THE LUNCHBOX_

CRESCOtec was in charge to develop a mobile application for THE LUNCHBOX, a take-away restaurant. The client demanded an app for iOS and Android, that allows the users to order food online.


The client had specific requirements like:

  • All meals to be composed out of a main and a side dish, with the possibility to add extras
  • Registration of users to allow a quick order process for registered users
  • Possibility to change the menu on a daily basis with pre-registered elements
  • Graphical elements to mark content for food allergies

In addition the client wanted to have a sister application for THE LUNCHBOX Lowcarb, which should have a similar touch-and-feel and same ordering process but would provide:

  • Detailed overview of content
  • Indication of carb content
  • Calculation of carb content on a meal-by-meal basis

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