Empowering Tomorrow, One Block at a Time

CRESCOtec is an early adapter of blockchain technology. our team of experts evaluates each business case for a potential use of blockchain related solutions and implements the technology_


Blockchain Programming_

CRESCOtec, in collaboration with sister company Hensley&Cook, harnesses blockchain technology for tokenization and Smart Contract programming. Beyond cryptocurrencies, blockchain is revolutionizing industries like supply chain management, healthcare, insurance, government, banking, real estate, accounting, and audit.

When to use Blockchain Technology?_

Blockchain technology in combination with the distributed ledger approach provides several advantages, that we can implement in solutions to the benefit or users:


The Blockchain maintains the historical data of all registered transactions, as these transactions are built into a new record through the hash, that refers to all former transactions. The Blockchain also allows to access these former transactions, making the technology a perfect choice, if you like to secure traceability.


Data in the Blockchain is secured using a hash, that would show any attempt to tamper with data. Users are sure, that for example a hashed document can’t be changed without chaining the hash. Such a change would immediately be identified by the Blockchain.


The combination of protection against data manipulation and the use of a distributed ledger increases data security dramatically: Data isn’t lost because some servers are compromised or lost for example in case of a fire.

Typical Areas of Use of Blockchain Technology_

CRESCOtec provides custom Blockchain Solutions for a wide range of applications:

Programming Languages_

Our team is experienced in several programming languages, covering the most common used to program Blockchains.

The actual choice depends on the underlying Blockchain and the problem to be solved.


Solidity is probably the most important of the programming languages used in context with Blockchains. It is influenced by JavaScript, Powershell, and C++.

it was developed by Vitalik Buterin, who was the main architect of the Ethereum Blockchain, and is often used to program Smart Contracts.


Our team uses Javascript for the programming of applications, but is also one of the best languages for for Blockchain development. The language provides an enhanced scalability and usually speeds-up the programming process.


CRESCOtec uses PHP in a lot of its applications. Therefore it is no surprise, that we rely on this programming language in the Blockchain environment as well, profiting from this object-oriented approach and the vast resources available from the open-source community.


SQL (Structured Query Language) is considered to be one of the top upcoming Blockchain programming languages. It is used for the building of secure and effective solutions in the Blockchain domain. CRESCOtec uses SQL in non-Blockchain applications as well and can transfer this know-how to the Blockchain environment.


This open-source programming language is a favourite for the Blockchain development as it allows a cost-effective way to build portable code across devices. it is a good choice not only for the programming of Smart Contracts but for the programming of the infrastructure in a Blockchain itself.

Example for NFT programming_

Check-out one of our NFTs programmed as a sample for a client.


Title: Sunrays in a village in Grindelwald
Contract Address: 0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e
Token ID: 83314475639773659303512982599246106025867955...
Token Standard: ERC-1155
Blockchain: Ethereum


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