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From internal to external service provider

CRESCOtec started as IT support for CRESCO Holding. The company was responsible to provide software solutions to the different teams and companies within CRESCO Holding.

In 2015 CRESCOtec took over the rights on the COTS Madreqat software products and promised the clients of Madreqat to continue customer support and to further develop the software packages. 

Some key people of Madreqat joined the team and allowed a smooth transition of knowhow and clients to CRESCOtec.

This integration transformed CRESCOtec from an internal service provider to an active player in the software industry in the UAE and the GCC region. 

The unique direct access to specialists like accountants and lawyers within CRESCO Holding provides CRESCOtec with a sound foundation for growth and inspiration to further develop the software products according to legal and professional requirements.
We are convinced, that CRESCOtec can successfully extend it’s excellent service quality to external clients. Welcome aboard.


Harish Sukumaran Vijaya


At CRESCOtec, we thrive to provide solutions that make running a business as pleasant as taking a walk in the park. With a dedicated team and a never-ending passion to adapt to new technologies, CRESCOtec has a clear vision of keeping its product ready for dynamic market requirements.

Be it a school, real estate or trading company, CRESCOtec has custom solutions that fit your day-to-day business requirements. CRESCOtec is highly committed to provide technical support to all its customers with the least possible response time. Our dedicated team is just a phone call away to help you out with your queries.

CRESCOtec is fully equipped with a capable team provide the technology to build a custom-made application from scratch just to fit your needs. Be it web applications, native mobile apps or just interfacing with your existing products, CRESCOtec is a one-stop solution for your business needs.

CRESCOtec is strategically well placed in the market with its development and support team located within the region itself rather than outsourcing from other parts of the globe. This allows CRESCOtec to understand and adapt to the local market in a timely manner and also gives the edge when it comes to providing technical support to our customers.

With more than 300 successful implementations in various industries, CRESCOtec will be the right choice for your business needs, while being fully committed to make your business thrive in challenging market conditions.


CRESCOtec offers three software packages mainly targeting the GCC market.

One software package is build for schools and allows to administrate teacher, students, grades, etc. The package is available as a version hosted by the client or as a cloud-version hosted by CRESCOtec.

Another software package is build for real estate managers, covering the general management of properties and includes the region specific forms and reports. This software is available as desktop version and in autumn a cloud solution will be available as well.

Last but not least CRESCOtec offers an accounting solution, mainly used by manufacturing and trading companies.


CRESCOtec signed with providers of software and hardware solutions to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to run their business. The partners are carefully selected based on the identified needs of clients of CRESCOtec. Most of these solutions are complementary to other products offered by the company.

With SAGE, CRESCOtec has a partner for ERP and accounting solutions that can be integrated with the software packages eSchoolME and PremisesME. This allows to better scale both software packages according to the needs of the clients.

Synology is another hardware and software provider that partnered with CRESCOtec. Synology is specialised in NAS, IP surveillance solutions and network equipment. Their offerings allows to cover clearly identified needs of CRESCOtec clients in this area. CRESCOtec provides solutions and not equipment, therefore has partnered with all relevant suppliers to get projects done from A to Z.

Xtracta is a representative of the coming generation of software programs that integrate artificial intelligence in their solution. Xtracta allows to automatically capture data from documents like contracts, invoices, receipts etc. CRESCOtec can integrate the solution into ERP systems like SAGE, MoneyWorks etc., helping clients to improve the efficiency when dealing with paper-based input in business processes.


The team of CRESCOtec has many years of experience in latest Microsoft technologies and is capable of developing and implementing IOS and Android mobile applications.

Our company provides detailed consultations and implement various kinds of ERP, including Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. We use the best practices within the industry in order to develop and maintain our products.

Our solutions are scalable and help you to grow your business without having to worry about data management, as we make sure that all the data you need is just a few clicks away in your systems.

CRESCOtec - Excellence as Attitude