CRESCOtec is using Citrix GotoAssit for remote support. 

Customer can call us on our support number or email on [email protected] to get the support key. 

You can also reach the support team on
 +971 4 406 9654.


All our products are licensed for life, or as long as the subscription is active, whatever applicable.

You can take a database back-up in two ways:

1. Using the Madreqat Back-up Tool

helpdesk madreqat backup

2. Using the SQL Server Management Studio

Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Right click on desired database and select back-up.

Mysql backup

CRESCOtec provides two types of activation depending on which version of the application you are using.

In the older versions, the application will ask for activation key when you run the application for the first time. You need to contact our support team and provide the User Ref number. Our team will provide the activation code to you.

 How can I activate the application?

If you are using the new version of the application, you can activate the product online by following a simple wizard on the screen. You will require your Customer ID in order to activate the product.

Activation applies only to the desktop solutions.

Self-migration is available to all the customers who are using the latest version of the application using the online activation system. You can simply install the application in the new PC and get it activated via the online activation system. The application will only allow simultaneous logins for the number of licenses purchased by the customer.

If you are using the old version of the application, which uses the traditional activation mechanism, you should contact our support team. Our team will deactivate the license from the old PC and migrate it to the new one.

Please try to do the following:

a. Check if the Server is ON.
b. Check if the client is able to access the server using the network
c. Check if SQL server is running in the server
d. Make sure that the firewall settings allows communication between the client and the server
e. Check the username and password

Please give us a call if the login still doesn’t work.

Make sure the server has no settings to sleep or shut down after a specific idle period.
As all our products are licensed for life, you can still continue to use the application. But you will not be eligible to get technical support from our support team.
You can get the latest version by ensuring that you have an active AMC. Our support team will update you to the latest version when you get online technical support.
The Customer ID is a new integral part of our online support system. Please contact our support team to get your Customer ID, in case you lost it.

Our UAE offices are closed from April 20-21, 2023,  you may still reach us on
+971 4 406 9680 as our team in Seychelles and the Philippines remain at your disposal. Eid Mubarak!